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Let's Unpack That: Stimming (captioned video)

Hey pals! So over on my instagram @danaswanncounsellor, I've started a series of post called "Let's Unpack That!" to dismantle some of the stigma associated with mental health & neurological conditions that lots of us live with, but may feel shame about due to how they are perceived by wider society. The purpose of these posts is to show that well, actually there's nothing to be ashamed of in these things! If you're unable to access or choose to abstain from social media, I have shared a video below that I have created about stimming! As an Autistic ADHD'er, I stim often and thought it was important to shed some light on stimming, which is a really natural part of both neurodivergence and just being a human.

Have a watch below if you feel called to it. And if you'd like to see more videos in the future to break up text based blogs, please let me know in the comments! x

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