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Catching up & Checking in

Hey pals,

How are you? I think we can all agree that it has been a heck of a year. It's also been a moment since I have posted in this space. I've been intentional with an energy shift toward growing my professional practice, studying exciting new things to add to the list of certified offerings of service, and just existing as a human in 2020 as sustainably as possible.

As I slowly shift my attention back to some more regular blog offerings here, I also wanted to share some of the other spaces I have been popping up in at the moment if you feel called to reading some of the things I've been up to lately:

-'High Functioning' vs. 'Low Functioning': A Myth That Has Run Its Course (Psychotherapy101 Article)

-More Than Just Shiny Things: Why We [Still] Need ADHD Awareness (Psychotherapy101 Article)

Help wanted: Why psychology needs more diversity (Featured interview in article by Abbir Dib)

The above is just a humble beginning of what will hopefully be some more exciting writing projects lined up for the future.

While checking out the above articles, have a browse through each website for more content from both established and budding writers & therapists who are passionate about creating space for much needed conversations around several other areas of mental health & culture.

That's all for now!

Go Gently,


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